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    By Shannon Prodor, Owner/Floral Designer of Tangerine Orchid

    Congratulations on your engagement! Welcome to planning your dream day!

    Flowers are a wonderful accent to your special day as they bring scent and beauty and are the finishing focal pieces to your décor. However, they can be very overwhelming if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for. Here are my top 10 tips and suggestions to help you get you pointed in the right direction.

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    1. Hire a Professional. Properly designed and arranged flowers are more difficult than people realize. There is a lot of work that goes into the cleaning, processing, and preparation even before the blooms are designed. People underestimate the amount of time the preparation takes and are left feeling rushed and stressed when they should be enjoying the days leading up to their wedding. A trained florist can troubleshoot problems and will have the equipment to properly store the flowers. Blooms that are too hot will be wilty and look tired; blooms that are stored too cold will disintegrate before you even walk down the aisle.
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    2. Book a consultation. Sitting down with a professional gets you peace of mind and gives clarity to your vision. You may have a Pinterest page and a whole pile of photos saved that look random and overwhelming. A trained eye will be able to pick out common flowers and what type of style that you are gravitating towards. From there, your perfect bouquet can begin to be constructed!

    3. Trust your professional. When you hire a florist, you are getting peace of mind that your vision will be brought to life. A florist will be able to make recommendations for durable flowers and seasonal blooms. While peonies are one of the most loved flowers, there is a very small window where they are actually available. Your florist will be able to make seasonal suggestions to achieve the look that is desired.

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    4. Invest in the bridal bouquet. As the planning process moves along and the budget grows, it is common for couples to look for ways to bring the numbers down. The bridal bouquet is not the place to cut back. This is the focal piece of your flowers and is in the majority of your photos. The last thing you want is to look back at your wedding album and feel disappointed that you settled for anything less than what you loved.

    5. Bridesmaid bouquets are usually a smaller, simpler version of the bridal bouquet. If budget has become a concern, this is a great place to simplify. Be sure that the bouquets stand out from the color of the dresses. If the dress colors are blush, for example, the flowers should be a deeper shade of pink, or another color altogether. Make sure those beautiful blooms are showcased!

    6. Corsages and boutonnieres are items that many couples struggle with, especially when families are larger. These can get very costly quickly! My personal recommendation is to include the parents and grandparents to honor these special people. Plus, photographers can then distinguish these family members from other guests if they have not had the opportunity to meet prior to the wedding.

    A wedding cake table set-up

    7. I love when couples find creative ways to add personal touches to their florals. A brooch from a grandma can be secured to a bouquet. The lace from your mom’s wedding dress can be used to wrap the stems of your bouquet. Or, miniature-sized fishing rods can be tucked in with table arrangements to commemorate your first date. Be creative! These accents can be conversation pieces or ways to share memories.

    8. Repurpose items where possible. I am a big believer in making your budget go as far as possible. Many couples are hesitant to invest in ceremony décor because they feel the pieces are viewed for only a short period of time. However, these arrangements can easily be transported and repurposed into the reception space. When aisle markers can be laid on gift or cake tables, or bridal bouquets can be used along the head table, they don’t seem to be as frivolous. A florist can suggest many ways to make your dollars go further on your special day.

    9. Guest centerpieces are the finishing accent to where your guests will spend their evening. A well-thought-out arrangement will be a focal piece without being something that blocks the conversation between guests. A lower, compact style arrangement allows people to look over the flowers and not be pushing them out of the way to chat. For those that prefer a taller look, the flowers are designed higher to allow easy conversation through clear vases.

    10. Book early. In the Okanagan in particular, vendors are booking as far as 18 months in advance. In order to secure the vendors that you want, be sure to get your deposits in place to hold your spot. Any vendor is limited to how much they can commit to in a single day or weekend. By waiting too long to book your vendors, you will lose the opportunity to book the ones that you are hoping for. While it can seem overwhelming to plan quantities and exact details as far as 18 months in advance, in my case, weddings are finalized 6 weeks prior to the actual date. Adjustments are usually made from the initial quote as the planning process moves along.

    A brdal bouquet

    Most of all, have fun!! The planning process can be a stressful time if you lose focus on what really matters – getting married!  Whether you have 20 guests or 200, the goal at the end of the night is to fall asleep together as man and wife.

    Happy planning,

    Shannon Prodor



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