The Escobar Family | Springtime On the Farm

    Two sisters playing with baby chicksWe are SO ready for Spring and our 12th annual Springtime On the Farm event!  We can’t believe it’s been 12 years since we began sharing the joy of spring on our farm with families!

    These sessions are 30 minutes, and over the years, we have been asked if we offer any shorter sessions during this event.  While we do offer shorter “micro-mini” sessions during our Holiday Donkey Minis, we do not offer sessions under 30 minutes for Springtime On the Farm.  We thought we’d explain why!

    Basically, to really experience this event, 30 minutes is the minimum.  With so many different animals to explore and take in all their beautiful glory,  we just NEED the time.  We start off meeting “Thumper”, our lop-eared bunny.  After a little visit, we say our good-bye’s to Thumper and move along to hang out with our new baby animal.  In the past, it’s been a brand new orphan lamb or goat, who is our family “bottle-baby”.  Once we’ve captured those sweet pats and snuggles, we head over to our newly hatched chicks.  The chicks, even though they are so teeny, can sometimes take a bit to warm up to, so we allow for that time.  We also so some instruction on being extra gentle and how to hold the babies.  While Brad is preparing freshwater for the duckling finale, we head over to our swing areas, and each child chooses photos with either the tire swing or rope/floral swing.  We also take this time for dedicated photos of the whole family together.  We save the ducklings in their element of water until the end, as they can splash as they play in their bucket :)

    And all the while, we are getting those amazing expressions, sweet, unique interactions of children experiencing the magic of animals, with all the wonder in their eyes, it is beautiful, and just can’t be rushed!  The 30 minutes literally FLIES by!  To get the whole experience, it just takes time.

    We do still have a few spots available for our 2022 event, so feel free to contact us for availability and further details :)

    Enjoy the highlights from the Escobar family’s session last year!

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