Taylor & Missy | Equine

    Girl and her Horse Standing In Field

    I have known Taylor for many years, once her riding instructor!  Ever since I switched gears to photography, I have been her family’s photographer.  They were some of my very first photography clients and have remained so loyal, even when I was just starting out (and my photography very clearly reflected that).  Taylor now has a baby boy of her own, Jayse, and a new equine companion, Missy.  Missy is a rescue horse and these two have been bonding beautifully.  It was our pleasure to capture this new relationship between woman and horse (of course including little Jayse, as well).

    Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0003 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0002 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0004 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0005 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0006 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0007 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0008 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0009 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0010 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0011 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0012 Kelowna-Equine-Photographer_0013

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