Simone | Woodland Dream

    Beautiful Girl in White Dress

    Simone is such a natural to photograph; she is absolutely stunning with those incredible natural, blonde curls.  It is always so much fun when her mama and I collaborate on a session, bringing both our visions together and make them a reality.  This one surpassed all of my expectations.  Everything came together so wonderfully; the location, the weather, the dress.  Bo, Simone’s trusty steed made it a bit of a challenge, but in the end, Simone, kept him in line for some pretty awesome photos.  We’ve been experimenting with our “fog” shots during wedding first dances this past year, and were so excited to bring the effect outdoors.  This session was a team effort, and so worth the hard work!  We are so glad that Simone loves to have us photograph her…we already can’t wait for our next shoot :)

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