The Simmons Family | Baby Bump

    Family at Seven Half Diamond Ranch

    We cannot say enough amazing things about this beautiful family.  We love photographing them each and every time and were so incredibly excited to hear of the announcement that they are expecting…and it’s a GIRL!!  Little Lachlan gets to be a big brother, even though it feels like yesterday when we had the pleasure of photographing his newborn session….and to think…almost 5 years ago, we captured the “I do’s” of this sweet couple.

    We chose the spectacular Seven Half Diamond Ranch as Ryan & Roxanne’s second baby bump session location; it was perfect…except for the mosquitos.  These pesky bugs were on a mission to get rid of us, but we were all troopers.  The bugs in the background of the backlit images turned into some very cool bokeh magic…that’s what I call making the best of a situation.  It was so worth it, and so glad this mosquito invasion was short lived this spring!

    Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0001 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0002 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0003 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0004 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0005 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0006 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0007 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0008 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0009 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0010 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0011 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0012 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0013 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0014 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0015 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0016 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0017 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0018 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0019 Merritt-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographers_0020

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