Seven Half Diamond Ranch | Merritt Wedding Venue


    Seven Half Diamond Ranch is our absolute favourite place on the planet!  Of course, with our favourite past times being fly fishing, horseback riding and just being in the beautiful outdoors, it isn’t difficult to see why!  Many of our favourite memories as a couple are here at Seven Half Diamond Ranch…this is where we had our wedding photos taken and spent our 1 year anniversary!

    This place and the wonderful people who run this guest ranch ensure that you will create amazing, lifelong memories at this amazing venue.


    * The Lonestar Saloon is a unique, unforgettable venue for hosting weddings and other group events.  It is a rustic, incredibly designed and decorated building in the midst of the beautiful aspen trees, overlooking the trophy fishing lake and the spectacular rolling mountain views.  The back of the salon overlooks the huge riding arena, where the ranch hosts clinics and events (another reason why us horsey people LOVE It here).  The 1500 square foot Saloon is fully equipped with a full kitchen and bar with incredible handcrafted details throughout.

    *Various outdoor options for breathtaking ceremony locations.

    *Beautiful custom designed cabins and bunkhouse accommodations.

    *Countless riding, hiking and biking trails throughout the property and beyond.

    *Absolutely remarkable country atmosphere created by the sensational hosts of this family owned and operated guest ranch

    *Located between Merritt and Princeton, just over an hour from Kelowna

    Website : Seven Half Diamond Ranch


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    The Bunkhouse with the outdoor paddocks very close by…you can stay at the guest ranch AND bring your horses!!

    Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0012 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0013 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0014


    Here is the inside of the Lonestar Saloon…such an amazing venue!!

    Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0015 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0016 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0017 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0018 Okanagan_Merritt_Wedding_Venues__0019






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