Our BIGGEST News!!!

    Yes, its TRUE!!!  (Feeling more and more real every day!!)  Our family is growing by 1, THIS YEAR!!

    As wedding photographers, planning a baby is a little more complicated…with weddings booking more than a year in advance, it is much more important for us to plan ahead and time our baby’s arrival more carefully.  So, we are VERY excited that everything has fallen perfectly into place and our little one is due October 30th, 2015 :)

    The boys are VERY excited for a new baby brother or sister!  It feels a little crazy to be heading back into the newborn and DIAPER stage when the boys are 10 and 11 years old, but Brad skipped that part with the boys, so this one’s all his ;)   Annddd, we’ll have live-in baby sitters!  We are OVER-THE-MOON excited to meet and welcome this little one, and to complete our family.

    I am now 12 weeks pregnant…and the timing of this whole pregnancy couldn’t be better; the worst weeks of morning sickness seem to be behind me and it is much more manageable now, just in time for the start of our busy season…and hopefully only a couple weeks left of any at all!  It might not have been so bad if it was only in the “morning”, as the misguiding name proclaims, but it definitely WASN’T (which I already knew from my first 2 pregnancies).

    The fact that Brad is now home, working on our business with me, full-time, has been AMAZING!  He has picked up all the slack and has let me sleep in every morning…I AM SPOILED, I know!

    We are going to find out the gender of the baby in June, so stay tuned for our GENDER REVEAL!  We can’t wait to find out!  Although, I would love to get my fill of pink and pigtails for once, a healthy baby is what we are hoping for :)

    Thank you everyone for all your congratulations and well wishes!


    Cassandra & Brad


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