Okanagan Bridal Expo 2019 | Our Booth

    Bridal Expo Wedding Booth white with rustic details

    We are so excited to have been a part of this year’s Okanagan Bridal Expo, which was our first bridal show EVER!!  We had a pretty big vision for our booth, and after months of planning, building, collecting, printing etc, etc, it was so surreal, but AMAZING to see it all come together!

    We are so humbled at all the couples who took the time to visit our booth and to chat with us about their day.  In the sea of new faces, we were also thrilled to have visits (and hugs) from 2019 and 2020 brides who have already booked with us and even our past brides who are now bridesmaids!  Connecting with other vendors was wonderful; it’s always a pleasure to meet new people and catch up with our favourite venues and vendors, such as our booth neighbors, Lillian Wild Bridal and Hotel Eldorado!

    Thank you so much to everyone involved in helping us bring our vision to life.  With help from family, our boys and the INCREDIBLE Tangerine Orchid who added the absolute PERFECT touch with her stunning florals, our first bridal show was perfect!  We can’t wait to connect with all the lovely new couples we met!

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