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    Choosing Your Wedding DJ – The Essentials:

    1. Ask WHO the DJ is going to be at YOUR wedding!

    2. Meet the DJ who will be at YOUR wedding either in person or by Skype to get to know their personality and ensure you feel a connection and that you feel they will be the right fit for your wedding vision.

    3. What is their experience? Do they have a wide variety of experience? DJing a wedding is far different than a pub, nightclub, or in your basement. How long have they been DJing weddings and events? You have a wide variety of guests, your DJ should be acting as YOUR host to ensure everyone in the room has the most fun possible and that the bride and groom have unforgettable, positive memories to last them the rest of their lives.

    4. Ask them what problems they’ve encountered in the past and how they handled them. If they tell you there has never been a problem, they either haven’t had enough experience in the wedding industry or they’re lying. There are challenges that come up over the years and if you don’t have the knowledge and expertise and confidence to overcome them that will most definitely affect the bride and groom’s special day.

    5. What experience does your DJ have with public speaking? Will they also be your Emcee? Either way, you want an Entertainer that is outgoing, polite, professional, and has experience and education with communication and leadership. Has your DJ been involved with Toastmasters International or Dale Carnegie training? You want polished and smooth transitions throughout the evening for your formalities such as head table introduction, inviting your guest’s tables up to eat, introducing speakers for toasts and speeches, and announcing the first dance, father/daughter, and bridal party dance. This helps make your wedding stand out!

    By Our Featured Wedding DJ, Andy Bowie of Bowie’s Entertainment (Kelowna & Vancouver BC)


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