Brothers | Lupins

    Three brother laughing in a field of lupins

    When we go on holidays, we bring our cameras.  It’s just the way it is, and the way it always has been.  The boys know it; it’s just normal for them.  SO, when we were headed to our last family trip and drove past a beautiful field full of lupins, there was no question of what was going down.  We knocked on the door to a farm house, made the odd request to the man at the door, who graciously allowed us to use his property for a little impromptu session.

    Our boys are so amazing; they not only agreed to take part in my newest idea, they made my vision even better than I imagined.  They had fun with the session, which made all the difference.  It helps when they are so in love with their baby brother.  And Weston, well, he’s already figured out what comes along with being the child of two photographers.  Interacting with his big brothers always puts the biggest smile on his face, making these moments we captured, absolutely priceless to us.

    Thank you boys!!

    Weston’s romper is by Nest and Nurture (of course!!)

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