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    Tyler & Asia are a very special couple to us and we could not be happier to be able to capture this important time in their lives.  We met Tyler and Asia a few year ago when they hired us to photograph their wedding.  We have photographed their Engagement Session, of course, their Wedding Day, as well as Asia’s Trash the Dress and Family Photos with their extended family.  It is so wonderful to be able to capture all these special moments for our clients and document their lifetime of memories!

    Another reason why Tyler and Asia are extra special to us…Brad and I became Engaged the day after their wedding, at their wedding venue, Lac Le Jeune Resort!  So they have also shared in a very special time with us!!

    Photos are very important to Asia, which really shows in every photograph.  She plans and prepares for every photo shoot we’ve had together, bringing her own ideas to each session, which is always fun for us.  Tyler, on the other hand, is not as keen on having his photo taken, but it always amazes us how much of a trooper he is.  Your patience does not go unnoticed Tyler…thank you for following all of our instruction, multiple wardrobe changes, yes, in the snow and going along with your beautiful wife’s ideas (and ours), no matter how crazy they seem…we told you it would be worth it!!

    We traveled up towards the Myra Canyon KVR Trestles for this snowy session.  We were very pleased to not have to use our backup plan, as the roads were plowed all the way up!  As we headed up the hill, just as we crossed into the area that was once burned by the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire of 2003, the trees were all covered in hoarfrost, which made for such a beautiful, breathtaking backdrop.   We took advantage of this gorgeous scenery and day and luckily for Asia, it wasn’t too cold at all (well, it could have been much worse).  I can’t commend Asia enough for braving the cold and snow, for the Maternity photos she’s always wanted.  Everything was so perfect!

    We are so incredibly excited for them and CANNOT WAIT to meet this little one!  Asia’s due date is marked in our calendar, all ready to book this special Newborn Session :)

    Good Luck Asia & Tyler!  We can’t wait to meet this already very LOVED little baby :)

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