The Abraham Family | Celebrate Fall

    A Family Standing int he Fall Leaves Together

    If you don’t already have the pleasure of knowing this family, allow me to introduce them for you.  Felix, Yolanda & Heidi.  THE sweetest, warmest, most generous, humble, beautiful loving souls with smiles that are seriously infectious.  We met Felix & Yolanda many years ago through mutual friends and they always inspired me.  They are just one of those couples who were obviously made for each other.  I had the utmost pleasure in photographing their engagement and wedding day back in 2007, where they may have been a little crazy to entrust me with documenting such a special day with only minimal experience at the start of my career.

    Yolanda was diagnosed with cancer and while recovering from treatments, she began sewing in 2010.  With an instant talent and creativity, Yolanda’s own, Nest and Nurture, a children’s clothing line, was born in 2011.  She built her business up slowly for the first few years, designing, sewing and perfecting her craft.  In 2014, their sweet little girl, Heidi graced our world with her presence.  She could not be more perfect, and the perfect mix of Mom and Dad.  As she grows, she is sweet with the perfect amount of sassy.  I get so excited every chance I get to photograph her; which is luckily, at least a few times a year :)

    When Felix is home, he is a hands-on Dad and even helps with Nest and Nurture.  But because he works away much of the time, Yolanda is a full-time mom while building and running her incredible business.  She does everything from pattern drafting, designing, fabric selection, customer support, marketing, packing, shipping and everything else that comes along with a home business.  She even volunteers, donates and makes that precious time for family.  Once she has perfected her design, she has an amazing team of Okanagan seamstresses who help with the production, everything completed right here in the Okanagan Valley!

    All Nest and Nurture’s children’s clothing (and some for Mama’s now too) are ethically handcrafted in small batches from new, vintage and reclaimed fabrics.  The clothing is unique, but ever so functional and practical.  I know, as our little Weston pretty much LIVES in his Nest and Nurture wardrobe.  Most items have lots of room to grow so they last!!  We could not say enough about Nest and Nurture; we not only LOVE the clothing for our own son, but we love it when our client’s children are wearing Nest and Nurture; the colours, the designs, the way the children are just plain comfortable, which makes such a difference for a photo session.  The clothing is just so timeless!  And now, with the introduction of the capes for Mom (which I have 3 of and am pretty much always wearing one of them), we just can’t wait to see what Yolanda comes up with next!

    Be sure to check out Nest and Nurture:
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    We love you guys to pieces!  Whether we are photographing you or just hanging out, you are the best people.



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