Meet the Team

Brad + Cassandra

We are a husband and wife, Kelowna photography team in LOVE….with each other, with our family & friends, with our career, with LIFE!

  • We are the proud parents to 3 amazing boys; Jayden, age 20, Tyson, age 19, and Weston who is 8 years old!
  • We are also blessed with 2 beautiful “daughters”, Emma + Paige, as our older boys have wonderful significant others who have become a part of our family AND business!
  • We live in Kelowna, BC, and love the vast photo opportunities our incredible province provides us with
  • We are both full-time photographers and planners with Candid Apple Collective; we feel so blessed to have made a business and career out of something we both love so much
  • We photograph every wedding and engagement session together
  • We live, work, and hang out together…which would drive most couples crazy, but we honestly love being together…ALL the time…the fact that we’re still married is proof
  • We love camping, horseback riding, hiking, and fishing; you can be assured, if we aren’t photographing a wedding on a weekend, we’ll be outdoors SOMEWHERE
  • We love animals, which is probably why we have a farm full of all kinds
  • We love adventure and exploring new places, but we are always excited to be back home
  • We feel soooo awkward in front of the camera (although, we are getting more used to it), so we make it our duty to make our couples and families feel comfortable, natural, and beautiful (and handsome, of course)
  • We love to tell stories, and we want to tell yours from your Engagement Session to the tiniest detail of your wedding day, to your new teeny additions to your family…we know…one step at a time

Brad and Cassandra

Some Fun Facts About Us


Lead Photographer, Co-Owner, Marketing Maniac, Office Manager, Light Chaser, Proud Mommy

  • I have been a photographer for 19 years and have photographed over 250 weddings!
  • I am a cancer survivor, 4+ years cancer-free!
  • I studied Fine Arts at UBCO
  • I’m obsessed with cows (and every animal), especially my house pig, Ralphie.  Yes, you read right.
  • I always have a book on the go, alternating between Nicolas Sparks and a good mystery
  • If I’m home, which is where all the business and editing magic happens, I’m in pj’s
  • I love burlap, lace, and lavender
  • I’m a vegetarian (going on 10 years)
  • My favourite show ever is Grey’s Anatomy
  • I’m so inspired by my boy’s talents, it makes me aim higher in everything I do
  • I have been known to wade chest-deep in water to get “the shot”
  • I absolutely LOVE being a Mom


Lead Photographer + Second Shooter, Co-Owner, Technical Genius, Equipment Maintainer, Light Maker, Daddy Extraordinaire

  • I have been a photographer for 14 years
  • I studied at BCIT
  • I’m always fixing or building something
  • I enjoy cooking, which is good because Cassandra does not
  • I am the president and equipment manager of our boys track and field club and love being so involved in their passion
  • I will Google anything I don’t already know the answer to
  • I have been known to climb anything to get “the shot”
  • I love to spend quality time with my boys, and working from home allows for a lot of that!

Paige + Jayden

  • Paige received her Wedding Planner, Coordinator + Consultant certificate with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada in 2024, and Jayden is attending Okanagan College, pursuing a Business Degree.
  • Paige + Jayden graduated in 2022 from Kelowna Secondary School.
  • Both Jayden + Paige also work with Brittany of Glitz N’ Glam Event Rentals, where they set-up and take-down weddings and other events, broadening their experience in the wedding industry.
  • Besides Paige, Jayden’s love is Track and Field, particularly Pole Vault + Long Jump.  Paige has spent most of her years on the back of a horse, competing in both western and English events.  While she no longer has a horse of her own, she has shamelessly stolen Brad’s horse 🙂
  • Together, Jayden and Paige love camping, watching movies, road trips, and anything with family
  • With Paige and Jayden both having such a meticulous eye for the finer details, we could not be more pleased to have them join the family business
  • Paige works closely with  Cassandra on Wedding Planning duties, as well as Set-Up + Take Down while Jayden’s focus is more on Set-Up and Take-Down.

Tyson + Emma

  • These two have been inseparable for 5 years.
  • Both Tyson & Emma excel in their sport of track & field, which is how they met; their relationship blossomed when they both qualified, competed and medaled in Nova Scotia at Nationals in 2019.
  • They are well beyond their years in talent, maturity and responsibility, even though they still so young!  We don’t take adding team members to our established brand lightly, but we are proud to have them!
  • Tyson & Emma both have career goals of cinematography and are pursuing  their studies at Simon Fraser University.  Track and field also brought them to SFU, where they are both train and compete on the NCAA track team.
  • They love animals and adventure.
  • Tyson has a 1995 Teal Ford Pick-up truck that he loves a little too much; he puts his all into everything, including sports, music, academics, and, of course, Emma.
  • Emma is super organized, is as humble as they come and aims for perfection in everything she does.

If you still like to learn more (if you aren’t sick of us yet), feel free to check out our interview on Kelowna Now’s In Focus

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